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    <%@ Page Title="PivotGrid-Localization-ASP.NET-SYNCFUSION"   Language="C#" MetaDescription="This sample for Syncfusion Essential JS1 for ASP.NET pivot grid control demonstrates customizing the user interface based on the locale culture." MasterPageFile="~/Samplebrowser.Master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Localization.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebSampleBrowser.Localization" %>
    <%@ Register Assembly="Syncfusion.EJ.Pivot" Namespace="Syncfusion.JavaScript.Web" TagPrefix="ej" %>
    <%@ Register Assembly="Syncfusion.EJ.Pivot" Namespace="Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models" TagPrefix="ej" %>
    <asp:Content ID="Content1" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="ControlsSection">
        <ej:PivotGrid ID="PivotGrid1" EnableGroupingBar="true" runat="server" PivotTableFieldListID="PivotSchemaDesigner1" ClientIDMode="Static">
                    <ej:Field FieldName="Country" FieldCaption="Country"></ej:Field>
                    <ej:Field FieldName="State" FieldCaption="State"></ej:Field>
                    <ej:Field FieldName="Product" FieldCaption="Product"></ej:Field>
                    <ej:Field FieldName="Amount" FieldCaption="Amount"></ej:Field>
                    <ej:Field FieldName="Quantity" FieldCaption="Quantity"></ej:Field>
                    <ej:Field FieldName="Date" FieldCaption="Date"></ej:Field>
            <ClientSideEvents Load="onLoad"/>
            <ej:PivotSchemaDesigner ID="PivotSchemaDesigner1"  runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static">   
            <OlapSettings ShowKPI="true" ShowNamedSets="true" />
    <asp:Content ID="Content2" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="PropertySection">
                    <div id="sampleProperties">
                    <div class="prop-grid">
                        <div class="row">
                            <div class="col-md-3" style="width:100px"">
                                Data Source
                            <div class="col-md-3">
                                        <td style="float:left; padding-right:15px">
                                            <input type="radio" name="datasource" id="rdbRelational" checked /><label for="rdbRelational" class="radioBtnLabel">Relational</label>
                                            <input type="radio" name="datasource" id="rdbOlap" /><label for="rdbOlap" class="radioBtnLabel">OLAP</label>
                        <div class="row" style="margin-top: 5px;">
                           <div class="col-md-3" style="width:100px"">
                            <div class="col-md-3">
                                        <td style="float:left; padding-right:35px">
                                            <input type="radio" name="dataMode" id="rdbClient" checked /><label for="rdbClient" class="clslab">Client</label>
                                            <input type="radio" name="dataMode" id="rdbServer" /><label for="rdbServer" class="clslab">Server</label>
                        <div class="row">
                            <div class="col-md-3" style="width:100px">
                                Select Type
                            <div class="col-md-3">
                            <div class="languageDropdown">
                                <select id="languageList">
                                    <option value="en-US">en-US</option>
                                    <option value="fr-FR">fr-FR</option>
                                    <option value="es-ES">es-ES</option>
                        <div class="row">
                            <div class="col-md-3">
                            <button id="ApplyBtn">Apply</button>
    <asp:Content ID="ScriptContent" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="ScriptSection">
     <script type="text/javascript">
         var btnTarget, relationalRadioBtnObj, olapRadioBtnObj, rdbClient, rdbServer, languageListDropdown;
         $(function () {
             $("#rdbRelational,#rdbOlap, #rdbClient, #rdbServer").ejRadioButton();
                 width: "80px"
             languageListDropdown = $('#languageList').data("ejDropDownList");
                 roundedCorner: true,
                 size: "small",
                 type: ej.ButtonType.Button,
                 click: "ApplyChanges"
             relationalRadioBtnObj = $('#rdbRelational').data("ejRadioButton");
             olapRadioBtnObj = $('#rdbOlap').data("ejRadioButton"); rdbClient = $('#rdbClient').data("ejRadioButton"); rdbServer = $('#rdbServer').data("ejRadioButton");
         function onLoad(args) {
             if ( == null)
        = pivot_dataset;
         function ApplyChanges(args) {
             var pivotGrid = $('.e-pivotgrid').data("ejPivotGrid"), pivotSchemaDesigner = $('.e-pivotschemadesigner').data("ejPivotSchemaDesigner"), languageID;
             languageID = languageListDropdown._currentText == "fr-FR" ? "1036" : languageListDropdown._currentText == "es-ES" ? "1034" : "1033"
             var Date, Country, State, Product, Amount, Quantity = "";
             //Locale for Relation DataSource
             if (languageListDropdown._currentText == "fr-FR") {
                 Country = "Pays";
                 State = "Etat";
                 Product = "Produit";
                 Amount = "Montant";
                 Quantity = "Quantité";
                 Date = "date";
             else if (languageListDropdown._currentText == "es-ES") {
                 Country = "País";
                 State = "Estado";
                 Product = "Producto";
                 Amount = "Cantidad";
                 Quantity = "Cantidad";
                 Date = "Fecha";
             else {
                 Country = "Country";
                 State = "State";
                 Product = "Product";
                 Amount = "Amount";
                 Quantity = "Quantity";
                 Date = "Date";
             var pivotdataSource = {
                 data: pivot_dataset, cube: "",
                 rows: [{ fieldName: "Country", fieldCaption: Country }, { fieldName: "State", fieldCaption: State }],
                 columns: [{ fieldName: "Product", fieldCaption: Product }],
                 values: [{ fieldName: "Amount", fieldCaption: Amount }, { fieldName: "Quantity", fieldCaption: Quantity }],
                 filters: []
             var olapDataSource = {
                 data: "//;Locale Identifier= " + languageID + ";",
                 catalog: "Adventure Works DW 2008 SE",
                 cube: "Adventure Works",
                 rows: [{ fieldName: "[Date].[Fiscal]" }],
                 columns: [{ fieldName: "[Customer].[Customer Geography]" }],
                 values: [{ measures: [{ fieldName: "[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]" }], axis: "columns" }],
                 filters: []
             var gridPanel = ej.buildTag("div#PivotGrid1", "", { "display": "block" })[0].outerHTML;
             var gridSchemaPanel = ej.buildTag("div#PivotSchemaDesigner1", "", { height: "650px","display": "block" })[0].outerHTML;
             if (rdbClient.model.checked) {
                     dataSource: relationalRadioBtnObj.model.checked ? pivotdataSource : olapRadioBtnObj.model.checked ? olapDataSource : pivotdataSource, pivotTableFieldListID: "PivotSchemaDesigner1",
                     enableGroupingBar: true, locale: languageListDropdown._currentText
             else {
                 pivotGrid.model.dataSource = { data: null, cube: "" };
                 pivotGrid.model.operationalMode = "servermode";
                     url: relationalRadioBtnObj.model.checked ? "../api/RelationalGrid" : "../api/OlapGrid", pivotTableFieldListID: "PivotSchemaDesigner1",
                     enableGroupingBar: true, customObject: { Language: languageListDropdown._currentText }, locale: languageListDropdown._currentText
             if (olapRadioBtnObj.model.checked && rdbClient.model.checked)
                 $("#PivotSchemaDesigner1").ejPivotSchemaDesigner({ olap: { showKPI: false, showNamedSets: true }, locale: languageListDropdown._currentText });
                 $("#PivotSchemaDesigner1").ejPivotSchemaDesigner({ locale: languageListDropdown._currentText });
         //Locale for PivotGrid
         ej.PivotGrid.Locale['fr-FR'] = {
             ToolTipRow: 'Rangée',
             ToolTipColumn: 'Colonne',
             ToolTipValue: 'Valeur',
             DragFieldHere: "champ de glisser ici",
             ColumnArea: "Déposez la colonne ici",
             RowArea: "Déposez ligne ici",
             ValueArea: "Les valeurs Drop ici",
             Measures: "Les mesures",
             NoValue: "Aucune valeur",
             Expand: "Développer",
             Collapse: "Effondrement",
             AddToFilter: "Ajouter au filtre",
             AddToRow: "Ajouter à la rangée",
             AddToColumn: "Ajouter à la colonne",
             AddToValues: "Ajouter à la valeur",
             CalculatedField: "Champ Calculé",
             NoRecordsToDisplay: "Aucun enregistrement à afficher.",
             MultipleItems: "Plusieurs éléments",
             All: "Tous les",
             Search: "Recherchez",
             GroupingBarAlertMsg: "Le champ que vous déplacez ne peut être placé dans cette zone du rapport"
         ej.PivotGrid.Locale['es-ES'] = {
             ToolTipRow: 'Herramienta Sugerencia Fila',
             ToolTipColumn: 'Columna sobre herramientas',
             ToolTipValue: 'Herramienta Sugerencia Valor',
             DragFieldHere: "campo de arrastre aquí",
             ColumnArea: "Caída de la columna aquí",
             RowArea: "Caída de fila aquí",
             ValueArea: "valores de caída de aquí",
             Measures: "medidas",
             NoValue: "Aucune valeur",
             Expand: "Développer",
             Collapse: "Effondrement",
             AddToFilter: "Agregar al filtro",
             AddToRow: "Añadir a la fila",
             AddToColumn: "Añadir a la columna",
             AddToValues: "Añadir a los valores",
             CalculatedField: "Campo Calculado",
             NoRecordsToDisplay: "No hay registros que mostrar.",
             MultipleItems: "Varios elementos",
             All: "Todos",
             Search: "Buscar",
             GroupingBarAlertMsg: "Le champ que vous ne peut être déplacez placé dans cette zona du relación"
         //Locale for PivotSchemadesigner
         ej.PivotSchemaDesigner.Locale["fr-FR"] = {
                        DoesNotBeginsWith: "N'a pas commence par",
                        DoesNotEndsWith: "Ne se termine par",
                        DoesNotContains: "Ne contient",
                        DoesNotEquals: "N'est pas égaux",
                        IsGreaterThan: "Est supérieure à",
                        IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo: "Est supérieure ou égale à",
                        IsLessThan: "Est inférieure à",
                        IsLessThanOrEqualTo: "Est inférieure ou égale à",
                        ClearSorting: "Tri clair",
                        ClearFilterFrom: "Effacer le filtre de",
                        SortAtoZ: "Trier de A à Z",
                        SortZtoA: "De Z à A Tri",
                        and: "<U> a </ u> e",
                        PivotTableFieldList: "Liste de champs de tableau croisé dynamique",
                        ChooseFieldsToAddToReport: "Choisissez les champs à ajouter à signaler:",
                        DragFieldBetweenAreasBelow: "champs de glisser entre les zones ci-dessous:",
                        ReportFilter: "filtre de rapport",
                        ColumnLabel: "colonne Étiquette",
                        RowLabel: "Label Row",
                        Values: "Valeurs",
                        DeferLayoutUpdate: "Différer la mise en page de mise à jour",
                        Update: "Mettre à jour",
                        ClearFilter: "Effacer le filtre",
                        SelectField: "sélectionnez Champ",
                        Measures: "Mesures",
                        Warning: "Avertissement",
                        AlertMsg: "Le champ que vous déplacez ne peut pas être placé dans cette zone du rapport",
                        Goal: "Goal",
                        Status: "Status",
                        Trend: "Trend",
                        AddToFilter: "Ajouter à filtrer",
                        AddToRow: "Ajouter à la rangée",
                        AddToColumn: "Ajouter à la colonne",
                        AddToValues: "Ajouter à la valeur",
                        OK: "OK",
                        Cancel: "Annuler",
                        Close: "Fermer",
                        Sort: "Trier",
                        LabelFilterLabel: "Afficher les éléments pour lesquels l'étiquette",
                        ValueFilterLabel: "Afficher les éléments pour lesquels",
                        LabelFilters: "Les filtres de l'étiquette",
                        BeginsWith: "Commence par",
                        NotBeginsWith: "Commence pas avec",
                        EndsWith: "Se termine par",
                        NotEndsWith: "Pas une fin avec",
                        Contains: "Contient",
                        NotContains: "Contient pas",
                        ValueFilters: "Les filtres de valeur",
                        ClearFilter: "Clear Filter",
                        Equals: "Est égal à",
                        NotEquals: "Pas égaux",
                        GreaterThan: "Plus de ",
                        GreaterThanOrEqualTo: "Supérieure ou égale à ",
                        LessThan: "Moins de ",
                        LessThanOrEqualTo: "Inférieure ou égale à ",
                        Between: "Entre",
                        NotBetween: "Pas entre",
                        Search: "Recherchez",
                        AddCurrentSelectionToFilter: "Ajouter la sélection actuelle au filtre",
                        NotAllItemsShowing: "Pas tous les noeuds enfants sont affichés",
                        EditorLinkPanelAlert: "Les membres a plus de 1 000 points à l'un ou plusieurs de ses parents. Seuls les 1 000 premiers éléments sont affichés sous chaque parent.",
                        NamedSetAlert: "Un ensemble nommé ne peut pas être ajouté au rapport PivotTable en même temps qu'un autre ensemble nommé basé sur le même domaine. Cliquez sur OK pour supprimer ' <Set 1> ' ensemble nommé et ajouter ' <Set 2> ' ensemble nommé."
         ej.PivotSchemaDesigner.Locale["es-ES"] = {
                        DoesNotBeginsWith: "No comienza con",
                        DoesNotEndsWith: "No termina con",
                        DoesNotContains: "No contiene",
                        DoesNotEquals: "No es igual a",
                        IsGreaterThan: "Es mayor que",
                        IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo: "Es mayor que o igual a",
                        IsLessThan: "Es inferior a",
                        IsLessThanOrEqualTo: "Es menor o igual a",
                        ClearSorting: "Eliminar orden",
                        ClearFilterFrom: "Borrar filtro de",
                        SortAtoZ: "Ordenar de la A a la Z",
                        SortZtoA: "Ordenar de la Z a la A",
                        and: "y",
                        PivotTableFieldList: "Lista de campos de tabla dinámica",
                        ChooseFieldsToAddToReport: "Elija los campos para añadir a reportar:",
                        DragFieldBetweenAreasBelow: "Arrastre los campos entre las áreas a continuación:",
                        ReportFilter: "Filtro de informe",
                        ColumnLabel: "columna Etiqueta",
                        RowLabel: "fila Label",
                        Values: "Valores",
                        DeferLayoutUpdate: "Defer Disposición de actualización",
                        Update: "Actualizar",
                        Sort: "Ordenar",
                        SelectField: "Seleccione el campo",
                        LabelFilterLabel: "Mostrar los elementos para los que la etiqueta",
                        ValueFilterLabel: "Mostrar los elementos para los cuales",
                        LabelFilters: "Los filtros de etiqueta ",
                        BeginsWith: "Comienza con",
                        NotBeginsWith: "No comienza con",
                        EndsWith: "Termina con",
                        NotEndsWith: "No termina con",
                        Contains: "Contiene",
                        NotContains: "No contiene",
                        ValueFilters: "Filtros de valor",
                        ClearFilter: "Borrar filtro",
                        Equals: "Es igual a",
                        NotEquals: "No es igual a",
                        GreaterThan: "Mayor que",
                        GreaterThanOrEqualTo: "Mayor que o igual a ",
                        LessThan: "Menos de",
                        LessThanOrEqualTo: "Menor o igual a ",
                        Between: "Entre",
                        NotBetween: "No entre",
                        ClearFilter: "Borrar filtro",
                        SelectField: "Seleccione el campo",
                        Measures: "Medidas",
                        Warning: "Advertencia",
                        AlertMsg: "El campo que está moviendo no se puede colocar en esa área del informe",
                        Goal: "Objetivo",
                        Status: "El estado",
                        Trend: "Tendencia",
                        Value: "Valor",
                        AddToFilter: "Añadir al filtro",
                        AddToRow: "Agregar fila",
                        AddToColumn: "Agregar columna",
                        AddToValues: "Añadir al valor",
                        OK: "OK",
                        Cancel: "Cancelar",
                        Close: "Cerrar",
                        Search: "Buscar",
                        AddCurrentSelectionToFilter: "Añadir la selección actual al filtro",
                        NotAllItemsShowing: "No todos los nodos secundarios se muestran",
                        EditorLinkPanelAlert: "Los miembros tiene más de 1.000 elementos en virtud de uno o más padres. Sólo los primeros 1.000 elementos se muestran debajo de cada progenitor.",
                        NamedSetAlert: "Un conjunto con nombre no se puede agregar a un informe de tabla dinámica al mismo tiempo que otro conjunto con nombre se basa en el mismo campo. Haga clic en Aceptar para eliminar ' <Set 1> ' conjunto con nombre y agregar ' <Set 2> ' conjunto con nombre."
         window.loadPivotGridFrameTheme = function () {
             window.setTimeout(function () {
                 var pivotGridElement = $("#PivotGrid1").data("ejPivotGrid");
                 if (pivotGridElement && pivotGridElement.model.enableGroupingBar && pivotGridElement.getJSONRecords() != null)
             }, 2500);
    <asp:Content ID="Content3" runat="server" ContentPlaceHolderID="StyleSection">
        <style type="text/css">
            .row .cols-sample-area  {
                 overflow: auto !important;
                 width: 100%
            #PivotGrid1 {
                height: 350px; 
                width: 50%; 
                overflow: auto;
                margin:20px 0 0 20px;
           .e-pivotschemadesigner {
                width: 40% !important;
            .gridlayout {
                float: left;
                margin-left: -6px;
                width: 60px;
            .row .cols-prop-area
                min-height: 150px;
                width: 40%;
            @media (min-width: 1920px) {.row .cols-prop-area { width: 24% !important; } }
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Web;
    using System.Web.UI;
    using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
    namespace WebSampleBrowser
        public partial class Localization : System.Web.UI.Page